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Would you like to start or expand your own business? Loans are offered at attractive interest rates on the reducing balance with up to 7 years for repayment. This attractive financing is available for Small and Medium Enterprises with the following sectors: Agriculture Agro-Industry Manufacturing Hotels & Attractions Services

Business Loans

The NPCB will finance 70% of each project with the proposer providing 30% equity. For loans equivalent to US$5,000.00 and under the NPCB will finance 80% and the equity to be provided is 20%. We finance up to 90% for agricultural loans.
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Micro Loans (Ezee Biz)

This loan is specifically designed for small business purposes.
  • Easy application process
  • Quick turnaround time
  • No physical collateral
  • Maintain a minimum balance equivalent to 20% of the loan amount as security
Ask about our special credit lines.
  • Collateral is required for all loans.
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Personal Loans

Loans are also available at affordable rates of interest for:
  • Education
  • House Repairs
  • Land Purchase
  • Other personal needs
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Energy Loans

"Go Green"wrth an Energy loan through your PC Bank. Eligible borrowers:
  • Commercial and industrial users
  • Energy Service Companies
  • Manufacturers of energy-efficiency equipment and devices
  • Householders

Use of Funds

  • Retrofitting to accommodate: - Energy efficiency - Energy conservation - Alternate energy source
  • Specific emphasis on electrictty conservation and solar energy via photovoltaic energy, etc.