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Affordable Credit for Farmers and Medium-Sized Agricultural Entrepreneurs


Affordable Credit for Farmers and Medium-Sized Agricultural Entrepreneurs


Secure your future

It’s time to secure your future with a savings account from National People’s Co-Op Bank Of Ja Ltd. Start saving money towards your goals. The sooner you start, the better it turns out to be! Whether you want a starter account, partner plan or fixed investment, we offer you the best interest rate. Have free money growing for you!

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Home Improvement Loans

Whether you are planning for additions to an existing structure, repairs and painting, installing new floors or cabinetry, or even purchasing a water tank, we are your one-stop source for a perfect makeover of your home. >>

Agricultural Loans

NPCB offers affordable credit for farmers and medium-sized agricultural entrepreneurs. From livestock projects to food fish farming, and agro-processing, we support all farming activities and retooling. >>

Education Loans

Keep your dreams alive and make your future bright with a secured education loan from the NPCB. Funding of up to J$2,000,000 is available at an affordable interest rate for your education. Enjoy flexible repayment periods! >>

Motor Vehicle Loans

Why wait to buy your dream vehicle? We offer great financing options for a new or second-hand car or motorcycle. Get great auto loans at attractive interest rates and flexible repayment tenures. Trust us for a fast process. >>


The National People’s Co-operative Bank (NPCB) vision is to be the leading jamaican co-operative financial institution offerings quality products, world class service and adding value to our members.


Became a member by purchasing permanent shares along with an acceptable form of identification.







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Funds. Savings. Investments.

National People’s Co-operative Bank of Jamaica Limited aims to be the leading Jamaican co-operative financial institution, offering loans and savings & insurance plans to our clients.

Our mission is to provide a wide range of financial services to our valued members in sectors including agriculture, education, home improvement, micro business, energy, land titling & upgrading, and motor vehicle.

At NPCB, it’s time to secure your future. Let free money grow for you by saving and investing. Choose from our wide range of savings accounts including passbook account, starter account, partner plan, fixed investment, and golden harvest savings plan. Moreover, we offer family indemnity plan, which is a unique insurance plan to ensure affordable security for your complete family.

We have a highly motivated and professional team offering excellent products and services so that the quality of life of all will be improved.

Quick cash for your complete life needs

Save at NPCB: a setting stone to long-term goals

Enjoy high-profit return investment

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Get your loan sanctioned
in no time

Having issues with sanctioning your loan? Turn to us! We offer you loans with low documentation and no hassle. When it comes to servicing your loan request, you can count on us for faster turnaround time. Let us be your partner in progress. Our team has been absolutely banging on with time commitments.